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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the wage subsidies?

All businesses whose Digital Adoption Plans (DAPs) have been approved and have been paid by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) are automatically eligible for wage subsidies with Magnet.

Do I have to put the youth on my payroll?

Yes. Youth have to be hired as employees, not independent contractors.

What is the eligibility criteria for youth hires?

Please review the youth eligibility criteria on our main page.

What are the requirements for work placements?

  • The business must ensure the work is being carried out by eligible youth.
  • The work must be related to supporting the implementation of the activities outlined within the Digital Adoption Plan.
  • The youth is required to be on the business’ payroll. The business is to pay the youth during the placement and the business will receive reimbursement after.
  • The work must be continuous, as either full or part time.
  • The business’ indicated start date for the work placement must be no earlier than 1 day after the business received payment from ISED for their Digital Adoption Plan. 
  • Retroactive placements or new placements for multiple youth are permitted! For 2 or more retroactive work placements, the earliest start date for the work placement is October 12, 2023, as long as that date is at least 1 day after receiving payment from ISED.

How do I find eligible youth?

The business can hire youth through any methods they choose, including using Magnet’s FREE Youth Boost job board . When using our ‘Youth Boost’ job board, we encourage the business to select the ‘Outcome Campus Connect’ and ‘RBC Youth Portal’ options to maximize the reach of their job posting.

Other methods for hiring include: 

  • Moving a current employee into a new role. If doing so, please ensure paperwork is maintained to indicate that the employee has transitioned into a new role and will be assisting with the implementation of the Digital Adoption Plan.
  • Hiring a past employee or intern 
  • Hiring from personal networks
  • Posting on multiple job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed

How many youth can I hire?

For every eligible placement, you can hire one eligible youth. Eligible businesses can apply for more than one placement to carry out digital adoption activities.


How does a business start an application for a youth work placement wage subsidy?

Businesses will receive access to Magnet via their ISED portal when their Digital Adoption Plan has been approved and they’ve received payment from ISED. 

Within the ISED portal, businesses can link to Magnet via a single sign-on to create a Magnet account and complete wage subsidy applications.

Can an eligible business start a work placement before submitting an application for a wage subsidy?

Yes, youth work placements and the corresponding applications can be carried out concurrently.

Businesses do not have to wait for a wage subsidy application to be pre-conditionally approved before hiring a youth, however it is the responsibility of the business to ensure the participant meets the eligibility requirements.

Eligible youth can begin a work placement to support the implementation of an approved Digital Adoption Plan as soon as one day after a business has received payment from ISED.


How long does it take to be reimbursed for the payment of the youth?

The business will be reimbursed within 90 days of submitting all necessary paperwork and documentation.

What is the deadline to submit wage subsidies?

Funding for the wage subsidy program is limited, and there has been significant interest in participating.

We strongly advise eligible businesses to submit their applications and begin placements promptly to maximize benefits of the program. 

Businesses that have submitted completed applications by September 30th, 2024 will have the highest likelihood of maximizing the full benefits from the program, as applications are processed in the order they are received.

Can I hire a previous employee or someone from my personal network? 

Yes! You can hire any youth employee that meets the eligibility criteria. 

If I have questions, who can I contact? 

Please reach out to our team at