Boost Your Business Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more?

For more information, interested applicants can visit the CDAP website or register for an upcoming webinar to learn more about the program.

We want to use the wage subsidy for our business but haven’t started the process. Are we too late?

To participate, you must have a signed grant agreement from ISED.

I have an account with ISED but have not yet completed the application process nor finalized a grant agreement?

You must have completed your application and signed a grant agreement before the closing date of February 19th, 2024 in order to be eligible for the ISED grant as well the funded work placement wage subsidy, delivered by Magnet.

How does the announcement impact my business as I’m currently working on a CDAP digital adoption plan with an approved CDAP advisor?

If you have signed a valid grant agreement and are already working with an advisor on your Digital Adoption Plan, you’re not impacted by this announcement and will still be eligible to apply for the funded work placement wage subsidy.

How do I know if my business is eligible?

Use the CDAP grant assessment tool to determine if your business is eligible before applying.

Can I access the BDC loan if I already have a digital adoption plan?

If your business has an approved digital adoption plan in the last 24 months from one of the programs below, you may be eligible to be fast tracked to the BDC loan:

There are a few conditions in order to utilize multiple funding programs to offset the cost of the digital adoption plan:

  • Businesses must review and meet the eligibility criteria of both programs
  • Businesses must work with a digital advisor that is recognized by both programs
  • The total of the combined grants cannot exceed the amount invoiced by the digital advisor.

Who can I hire with the CDAP wage subsidy?

Businesses can access funds to hire eligible youth between the ages of 18-30 and will receive a wage subsidy of up to $7,300.

Once your eligibility and application has been approved by ISED, you’ll have access to the Magnet platform, which you can use to share job opportunities with eligible youth across Canada.

The Magnet platform will also provide access to resources and learning material to help your business grow and scale digitally.

How many youth can I hire?

For every eligible placement, you can hire one eligible youth. Eligible businesses can apply for more than one placement to carry out digital adoption activities.

Can I access funding from both the Grow Your Business Online and Boost Your Business Technology streams of CDAP?

Businesses can apply to both streams providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

SME Application process

What is the Wage Subsidy Program?

The funded work placement wage subsidy is an additional component of the Boost Your Business Technology grant. In order to apply for the Wage Subsidy Program, SMEs need to be approved for CDAP’s Boost Your Business Technology.

Does the employer have to reach a certain amount of remuneration before applying for the subsidy?

No, SMEs can apply as soon as they are eligible. You will receive an email to your CDAP account with a link to the Magnet Boost Your Business community to submit your application.

What are the required documents from the SME to receive the youth wage subsidy?

Magnet collects Terms and Conditions, Youth Attestation Form, Payment Attestation Form, Invoice, and Surveys.

What is the duration that an SME has to apply for the wage subsidy after being approved by ISED?

The deadline to submit applications for eligible placements is September 30, 2024. Magnet may accept applications for eligible placements that occur before the CDAP completion date of March 31, 2025.

Youth application process

How can youth apply to become wage subsidy eligible talent to support CDAP SMEs?

Youth do not need to apply to become eligible to be a youth participant of the funded work placement. Youth 18 – 30 years of age  can join Youth Boost to access the Boost Your Business Job board to apply for CDAP jobs.

What is the eligibility criteria for youth hires?

Please review the wage subsidy criteria on our website.

Use of the wage subsidy

Do all of the employee’s tasks have to be related to digital transformation?

The youth participant will be supporting the employer in implementing digital adoption activities outlined within the digital adoption plan.


Is there contact information available to SMEs for questions regarding the youth wage subsidy?

If you have any questions about the grant, please reach out to

Questions about the Wage Subsidy can be submitted to .